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Am I right for this program?

Is my child right for this program?

Look at these simple questions to see if you might be a candidate for the Project-Based Learning (PBL) Programs at Southeastern:

Do you struggle with traditional lecture / note-taking teaching styles?

*  Do you enjoy hands-on, visual projects?

*  Do you struggle with completing homework without assistance and on-time?

*  Do you like to work in partners or in groups?

*  Do you enjoy traveling to new places, seeing new things, going on field trips to learn classroom information?

*  Are you failing, or barely passing your courses even though you try to understand the material?

*  Are you easily distracted?

*  Are you motivated to get your high school diploma, yet find traditional classroom setting difficult?

*  Do you withdraw from class participation?

*  Do you have high levels of anxiety surrounding school or class work?

*  Do you need additional time to discuss and process your decisions when angry, mad, sad, frustrated in a place that is safe yet inviting?


If most of your answers are YES, then you may want to consider investigating the PBL Programs further by:

1.  Visiting with your base school guidance counselors,

2.  Meeting with your school administrators, or

3.  Calling Southeastern Alternative School with your questions.  Please ask for the School Counselor, the Assistant Principal, or the Principal for further assistance.

4. Print the BROCHURE attachment located at the bottom of this page.  It provides essential information regarding the PBL program in a hard-copy format.


If you are interested in having your son / daughter considered for enrollment in the PBL Programs at Southeastern Alternative School, please visit the Application Information link and complete the online application. 

Thank you.

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