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School History

History of Southeastern


1963 – Southeastern Elementary School aka “The Southern School” was constructed during segregation era to serve African-American students in Fauquier County.

1979 – Southeastern School aka “Kindergarten Annex” for Pearson Elementary School to accommodate growing populations of elementary school students.

1990 – Southeastern School was converted to office space for different administrative offices including Student Services, Special Education Department, and Food Nutrition.

1995 – Southeastern Alternative School was opened to students after the Fauquier County School Board approved the restructuring and relocation of the county’s alternative programs at that time. Southeastern Alternative School served students sent from base schools for disciplinary and truancy reasons.  It also housed the ISAEP and GED programs for Fauquier County.

2001 – The ISAEP and GED programs are moved to the Thorpe House located on Fauquier High School Property.  This separation between GED preparation programs and diploma programs started the transformation in the alternative school’s focus.

2007 – The REFOCUS Program is started at Southeastern Alternative School. This after-school program from 1:45pm – 4:45pm, Monday – Friday, serves high school students that have been long-term suspended or expelled from their base schools in Fauquier County.  The School Board must approve all students requesting participation in this program.  Students continue to work towards their high school diplomas by focusing on core academic classes required for graduation.  Students complete their courses using an accredited, online curriculum and can earn up to four (4) credits per term, or eight (8) credits per year while enrolled in this program.  Student progress is monitored on a daily basis, weekly reports are sent to parents, and progress is reviewed each term by the school principal and the superintendent and /or designee.

2008 – The Alternative Learning Program at Southeastern was restructured after years of research and training to focus on project-based learning pedagogy / methodology of instruction and assessment. Additionally, choice-based theory continues to be the foundation for all behavioral expectations and disciplinary consequences.  The ALP served only high school students in grades 9-12 from 2008 - 2009 An Application for Admission process is implemented requiring interested students, parents, administrators, etc. to complete an application for review prior to new enrollments.  Parents and students must participate in an interview process and agree to the new academic parameters of the Alternative Learning Program.  Student progress is reviewed each 9 weeks and individual student growth is expected.  The high school Alternative Learning Program can accept up to 100 students however maintains a student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1 most of the school year.

2009 – The newly constructed two (2) classroom building was opened to serve eighth (8th) grade students in a middle school Alternative Learning Program and to serve seventh (7th) and eighth (8th) graders in a middle school REFOCUS program.  This building is adjacent to the main building on Southeastern’s property.  The middle school programs are structured the same as their high school predecessors.  Each program can accept 15 students and maintains a student-to-teacher ratio of 7:1.